YouthPower – Small Grants Phase III


The project ‘Collective Bahçe’ is supported by the NGO Youthpower and funded by the UNDP.

General Information

Youth Power is a network of 12 organizations, formerly known as the Cyprus Network for Youth Development, aiming to bring together organizations from all over Cyprus that are involved in bi-communal youth activities. Youth Power inspires and energizes young people to create a peaceful, united and sustainable Cyprus. Youth Power’s goal is to support and promote communication, actions and relationships that motivate, empower and engage children and youth to be active citizens.

The second round of Youth Power’s USAID and UNDP-ACT funding started in February 2012. The Youth Power Small Grants is the major activity under this second round. Under the terms of this activity, three rounds of Small Grants will be administered and granted to awardees.

The third round of the Small Grants will focus on the theme of advocacy. For the purposes of this program, a youth advocacy project is defined as a project prepared by youth, targeting a sociopolitical issue that is of priority to the youth and connecting youth with key policy-makers and the wider public to make an impact on that issue.

The message for the small grants program is: Youth Power – Advocating for Our Future

As part of the Youth Power network, the purpose of the Small Grants program is to support initiatives that empower young people to get involved in making a difference in their school, neighbourhood, city, or region and thereby, ultimately, on their island. In line with Youth Power’s objectives, funding will be provided to youth advocacy projects that:

• Put the issues concerning youth in the agendas of decision-makers in Cyprus and overseas through campaigning, lobbying and public relations.

• Inspire, empower and energize young Cypriots to work towards achieving their vision of a peaceful, sustainable and multicultural Cyprus.

• Provide a powerful platform for young people to voice their needs and concerns regarding the future of Cyprus.

• Encourage, support and promote communication, activities and relationships that engage, empower and motivate young Cypriots to be active citizens.

• Create intercultural bridges through joint activities, whose aim is to get the youth of Cyprus involved in common issues such as peace-building, the environment and human rights.

• Facilitate relationships and networking between young members belonging to the different communities of Cyprus.

Youth Power encourages the involvement of grassroots organizations which can greatly benefit from the Small Grants program. The Youth Power Secretariat will hold information sessions at which interested applicants can learn more about the program.


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